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Ten Children's Books
Descriptions of 10 good children's Halloween books.

The Magic Hour
The ultimate Halloween story about identical twin little boys unfortunately seperated through the death of one but where the surviving twin not only discovers he can still hear his brother's voice but also discovers the ancient belief that all those who passed on during the previous year came back one last time to visit their loved ones on the night of October 31st.

These quotes are great for invitations, cards and signature lines. Featured titles include Frankenstein, Dracula, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Legend of Sleepy Hallow and many more!

Creaky Door
Ghost stories,pictures and tales. Create a graphic tombstone instantly.

The Haunted Doghouse
Everything Halloween for kids and adults. Downloads, coloring, ghost stories, scary places, Harry Potter, recipes and more!

O'Neill's Ghostories
Ghost stories and true paranormal encounters of ghosts and apparitions that'll make you shiver. Send in your own chilling tale.

Mary SanGiovanni Author Web Page
Web site containing up-to-date information on Mary SanGiovanni's fiction, appearances, and bibliography.

Halloween Candy
An anthology of horror fact and fiction, with film critiques, short stories, haunted house reports, and more.

Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings
Over 4700 real ghost stories submitted by users and much much more including photos, sounds and video clips from real researchers.

Devils Tramping Ground
This is a site with full of horror stories,tricks,games and lot's of horror.

Caryn.com's Haunted Playhouse
Great Halloween resource.

Halloween Poetry

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The Interrupted Journey

Two black cats sat in the middle of the lane

The night before Halloween

I came upon them as I walked that road

It was a scary scene

They turned and stared

Their green eyes glimmered

I returned their glare

Then stood and shivered

They yowled and hissed

“You, on the road , beware!”

I startled and jumped

It was quite the scare

What All Hallows schemes

Were in the air

As I tried to get from here to there

by K.A. Selezan



Halloween Stories