What Makes A Halloween Costume Clever?

The Props!

A ventriloquist is nothing without its dummy, right? And a Cupid cannot aim love at the lovers without his bow and arrow. These are great examples of how a Halloween costume is nothing without a comical prop to assist it.

You might have an idea for a basic costume because it’s fast and easy to put together, but still, you’d like to get a laugh or two when you walk into the costume party. Think PROPS! What would go along with the costume? What could you add to make it funny? What one or two things takes it from a boring idea to a zany one?

Are you dressing as a police officer? Make a squad car out of a cardboard box! Are you going as an ice cream man? Attach a doll to each of your legs to symbolize kids hanging onto you scrambling to get the ice cream. Get the idea? Dressing as a nurse is not too exciting but if you make yourself into a “crazy nurse” and carry a giant cardboard needle and an enema, it’s funny! 
You’ve seen people dressed as a boxer but have you seen a sexy, short-skirted, large breasted Boxing Ring Assistant by his side, carrying a large card that reads ‘ROUND 1.?”

Just to show you how to turn ordinary costumes into clever ones, here are a handful of clever props and their related costume ideas:

• a Giant - carry miniature people and doll house furniture
• Garbage Can - attach a stuffed raccoon to the lid
• Bag Lady - push a toy grocery cart filled with junk
• Mail Carrier - attach a stuffed dog to your buttocks
• Tacky Bridesmaid - carry dead flowers 

Remember, too, that your “prop” can be a person. Adding another member to the group in a related costume completes the  group’s ensemble: 

• Card Dealer . . . the group is a deck of cards 
• a Waiter . . . one person is the Italian dinner
• Three Blind Mice . . . add a 4th person as the farmer’s wife
• Little Red Riding Hood . . . add a woodsman, wolf, and grandmother
• Circus Ring Leader . . . the group is circus performers

Most props can be borrowed or found around the house. If need be, shop at flea markets and yard sales to pick up items for a few bucks. If you can’t find it, make it yourself. Just make sure you add one or two props so that your Halloween costume is clever!

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