Build Your New Halloween Village with Hallmark and Department 56

By Chris Kullstroem


Whether you’ve been a Halloween collector for years or are just starting out, Hallmark and Department 56 have a variety of displays for your Halloween village. From haunted houses and attractions to ornaments and figurines, your village can expand in just about any style you’re looking for.

Hallmark’s Halloween collection includes a huge haunted house with lights and sounds, a lighted Halloween tree ornament and several small figurine ornaments to hang from the tree. These keepsake ornaments are sold separately and will build a unique Halloween village to bring eerie light to any space in your home.

View this collection at Hallmark’s website:

Department 56 has a wide variety of haunted houses, attractions and figurines that will fit any Halloween scene. Among their selection of over twenty pages to choose from are top favorites such as Grimsley Manor, Haunted Tower Tours and Haunted Windmill for haunted houses and attractions, and for figurines don’t miss Killing Time, Swinging Skeleton and Witch by the Light of the Moon.

Find these collectables and more at Department 56’s website:

Both Hallmark and Department 56 have Halloween village displays of different sizes that will fit your village into any area of your home. Create displays for your dining room to put around the Halloween party goodies, line the top of the bookshelves of your Halloween book and DVD collection, spook-up the end tables, and more.

These village displays also make great special occasion gifts for your Halloween enthusiasts all year, such as gifts for Easter, graduations, birthdays, etc. Build your Halloween village throughout the year to make sure that these hot items won’t sell out by autumn!

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