Surprise Your Special Someone This Halloween:

By Chris Kullstroem


Are you looking to do something extra special for your spouse or partner this Halloween season? If the love of your life is a real Halloween enthusiast, or if both of you are, take that extra step this season to make their favorite time of year like never before.

  • Buy that special Halloween gift that your partner has been wanting for a long time. It may be a costume that costs a bit more than you usually spend, such as a hand-made cape or robe, or something for the house like a coffin-shaped bookshelf or life-sized monster for the living room. Tie a big black ribbon around the gift of their Halloween dreams and surprise them on Halloween night.
  • Planning on going to a haunted attraction? Treat your special someone by secretly upgrading your passes to VIP (or RIP) for a whole new experience. You'll both get to skip those long lines to the haunted houses, enjoy a private tour and go to a VIP-only Halloween party. Include some extra spending money for the gift shops with the passes to give your partner a fun night of fright that they’ll always remember.
  • Take your love to a Halloween night on the town like never before by renting a hearse. Surprise your partner with a driver from the dark side coming to the door to bring you to that haunted attraction, Halloween party, or even out to dinner at a nice restaurant!
  • Throw your partner a Halloween surprise party. Tell a friend to take them out for a movie or shopping while you and friends deck the place out Halloween-style. Set the place up in whatever Halloween theme your partner likes best: vampires, ghosts, a graveyard scene, etc. Carve and light a few jack-o-lanterns outside for a subtle welcoming on your partner’s return. If your loved one has a birthday around Halloween, make it a surprise birthday/Halloween party with a cake designed as a graveyard or pumpkin patch, and tell friends to bring Halloween-themed gifts.
  • Has your loved one always wanted to take a haunted weekend trip? Surprise them by reserving a night’s stay at the hotel of choice at your Halloween destination. Head to Salem, MA, Sleepy Hollow, NY or Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, FL. Also check into which hotels are holding special Halloween parties for their guests.

    Every Halloween enthusiast wants to make the most of the season. This year, make it one like they’ve never had before. Surprise your loved one with a Halloween treat that they’ve always wanted and celebrate the season together.



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