A Wizard's Halloween Party

By Chris Kullstroem

Has your child recently transfigured into a witch or wizard? If so, now is the perfect time of year to bring his or her fantasies to life. You can transform your home into an enchanted castle by throwing a truly magical celebration: a Wizard's Halloween party.

This type of party is just as much fun to prepare for as it is throw because it involves making imaginative props that you can create with your child.

To start, make invitations that are ready to take flight. Depending on your budget and the number of children who will be attending, create invitations in either of two ways:

• For a smaller group of kids, buy one small stuffed animal owl for each child and create an invitation to tie to the owl’s foot, then wrap the owl in parchment (a paper bag) and send in the mail. Or if the kids live close by, hand-deliver to their mailbox to save on postage, or have your child deliver them at school.

• For a larger group of kids and to save on cost, make owls out of brown construction paper and tie the invitation to the cut-out owl’s foot. Mail together in a large envelope.

A sample invitation would be:

You are cordially invited to an evening at Merlin’s Castle,

Located at 23 Pleasant Street For a fun night of magical lessons and games.

Broomstick and other supplies will be provided. Please come dressed in wizard or witch attire,

either with or without a robe.

Parents also welcome in magical attire.

RSVP to the Merlin at: owlflight@halloween.com

For the night of the party, prepare a small magical bag for each child. Use blue or purple fabric with a stars and moons design and tie together with white or yellow string. Put the following items in each bag:

• A place card stating which wizarding house they are in: house of the werewolf, house of zombies, house of the unicorns, or house of the banshees

• A spell book (mini notebook)

• A quill (Black marker-pen)

• A wand (either store-bought from a craft store or a firm branch) In the living room set up a few small tables or one long table with votive candles or pillar candles lighting the room. Use blue, purple or orange tablecloths sprinkled with glitter for a more magical effect.

Set up the following items on the tables for the kids to practice their magic lessons:

• Two or three crystal balls they can conjure into (for making crystal balls, use white balloons or glass ceiling globes)

• Tarot cards for them to read each other’s futures

• Glass jars with colored water labeled as various potion ingredients

• Small plastic vials for them to make potions in

• Large feathers to levitate

• Mini pumpkins to transfigure into candles You can also make broomsticks for the children to have flying practice with (just make sure to supervise this one). Purchase either inexpensive, regular brooms at the store or Halloween brooms at a party store. Paint the broomsticks blue, green, deep purple or red, or attach long colorful ribbons to the handles. Each child picks out their own broom when they arrive and get their magical bag.

With all the materials set up, let the magical lessons begin! Each child takes turns in Divination, Potions, Levitation and Transfiguration, writing their results in their spell books. If you get a lot of “wizarding teachers” showing up, let them play with the kids, too, or they can be the ones to jot down the progress of each experiment. Conduct flying lessons outside with everyone together.

Since this type of party requires a lot of supplies, contact parents ahead of time to tell them about the party’s theme and ask for contributions so everyone can chip in.

An evening at an enchanted castle with their fellow witches and wizards is the perfect Halloween party for any wizard or witch in training. Plan the party for the last weekend in October or on the night of Halloween for a magical gathering that your child will never forget.



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