Rent a Hearse this Halloween

By Chris Kullstroem

Looking for a cool ride this Halloween? Here’s one trip worth taking more than once: a spin down the dark and stormy streets of October in a hearse for the evening. Whether you’re looking for a ride to the local horror attractions or in need for just the right prop for your own haunted display, renting a hearse this Halloween is just the ticket for a night of fun.

Why drive your ordinary car to the latest and greatest Fright Fest when you can be chauffeured in style? Many companies and private owners rent hearses in the same fashion that they do limos- to transport parties to their destination of choice for an hourly fee. Chauffeurs dress the part in gothic attire, and many times props can be rented to share the ride, such as coffins complete with skeletons. Begin Halloween night with a ride straight into the underworld while you sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

Want to surprise your friends? Have a hearse pick them up to bring them to your Halloween party, or pull up in the limousine-of-the-dead for a ride to the airport to start your Halloween weekend getaway. Special party music can also be requested for the ride, anything from the Monster Mash to the latest Midnight Syndicate album.

And hearses do more for Halloween than serve as transportation to haunted events. They can also be the perfect addition to your own Halloween attraction.

A hearse parked outside your haunted house, walk-through graveyard or haunted hayride is a prop that everyone will love. Hearses are great for visitors to pose with in their pictures and look inside to explore. For a daily rental fee that is less expensive than an hourly chauffeuring fee, park a hearse in your driveway, by the roadside or in the parking lot of your attraction as the first highlight of the evening.

Putting on an after-hours haunted event for your business? A black hearse parked outside is the perfect advertisement for all to see as they pass by. Put a large sign or banner on the roof that states your attraction. In directions to your haunt in newspaper and radio ads, say to “look for the hearse.”

So don’t put off that hearse ride until it’s too late to enjoy it- rent a hearse this Halloween season for the darkest ride or the eeriest prop in your haunted event!

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