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The History Of Halloween NEW
Details of the traditions and history of Halloween!

The Scariest Night Ever NEW
Making the scariest night ever with special contact lenses.

Have a Frightful Night NEW
Have a Frightful Night on Halloween this Year, but Keep Safety in Mind!

Growing Trend Of Halloween Decorating NEW
Enthusiasm for Halloween Memorabilia Now Rivals Christmas in Popularity.

Halloween At Home and on the Street NEW
Celebrating Halloween with costumes, decorations, and trick-or-treating can be a lot of fun for the entire family! There is no doubt that you will see and maybe do things during Halloween that (fortunately) you will not see or do any other time of the year. To ensure it remains fun for everyone, here are some suggestions to keep the celebration safe and healthy.

BuyCostumes.com - Top Apparel Retailer For First 2 Weeks In October - BuyCostumes.com beats Victoria Secret, Gap.com and others as most visited apparel website according to HitWise.

National Retail Federation 2006 - "As Halloween Shifts to Seasonal Celebration, Retailers Not Spooked by Surge in Spending! Spending Nears $5 Billion Due to Increase in Celebrations!"

StoreAppeal.com "Bringing you the Best Stores on the Web". Halloween ideas that will leave you even more excited for Halloween!

Extend Your Halloween Adventure
Are you and a bunch of friends planning a Halloween outing for October? Try one or more of the following ideas to turn your outing into a Halloween adventure to never forget!

Surprise Your Special Someone This Halloween
Are you looking to do something extra special for your spouse or partner this Halloween season? If the love of your life is a real Halloween enthusiast, or if both of you are, take that extra step this season to make their favorite time of year like never before.

The Complete Jack the Ripper: The Perfect Addition to any Haunter's Collection
Are you looking for a new theme for your Halloween display or haunt this year?

Volunteering at a Haunt this Halloween
Looking for a new way to experience Halloween this year? If you’ve ever wanted to get involved with a local haunted attraction, you’ll be in for some fun nights of fright...

Connecticut Haunted House Expands
Graveside Manor, a local haunt in Coventry, Connecticut, is expanding for the 2006 Halloween season to bring a bigger and better haunted attraction to its small town community.

Bringing Halloween to the Office
Are you feeling stuck in the office this Halloween season? Well don’t despair. You can bring all the fun elements of Halloween with you to work!

Rent a Hearse this Halloween
Looking for a cool ride this Halloween? Here’s one trip worth taking more than once...

Halloween-Themed Plays Sweep the Stage!
We're getting prepared for these upcoming Halloween 06' spooktacular shows! Are you?? Read up! You must not miss!

Of Roller Coasters and Horror Attractions
Find out why people rush in line to wait for these types of attractions...

A Look at Friday the 13th this October
There's one coming this October 2006... the perfect time for a Friday the 13th!

Build Your New Halloween Village
Whether you’ve been a Halloween collector for years or are just starting out, Hallmark and Department 56 have a variety of displays...

Planning Your Halloween Vacation in Advance
Eexplore haunted America and beyond!

The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The best pick for your Halloween DVD collection is The Exorcism of Emily Rose, now available...

Local Cemetery Organizations
Cemeteries are landmarks that we value for many purposes...

Most Plan to Celebrate Halloween
Everybody who's anybody is celebrating Halloween this year. So the real question is...are you?!?!

Making a Jack-o-Lantern Light Show
Get friends and family together to have a pumpkin carving party!

How To Create your own Sound Effects
Making a Halloween hit list is as easy as toasting bread when you follow these tips and tricks.

Things that go bump in the night
There is a point in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness when a sudden realisation dawns that we are sliding rapidly into winter.

How To Carve a Halloween Pumpkin
We’re going to take a look at gourmet pumpkin carving for true Halloween connoisseurs.

Making a Haunted Halloween Graveyard
Tips on what to do with 'the outside.'

Halloween Music Part 1
Part 1 of "Halloween Music" by Mark Harvey.

Halloween Music Part 2
Part 2 of "Halloween Music" by Mark Harvey.

The Graveyard
A story by David Knoles.

Make Halloween Fun
Costumes, Treats and Sound Effects.

A Night At The Mortuary
A story by Jana (aka Eerie Myst).

I Was A Halloween Monster
A true story by David Knoles.

Paranomal Pary Provisions
Ideas and beverages for adult Halloween Parties.

Let's Be Frank ...
Universal 's Classic Monsters by David Knoles.

Autumn Nights
A Halloween poem.

Legend of The Jack-o-Lantern 
A poem that reflects the legend of the Jack-o-Lantern.

Fright Night
A scary story.

Props for Costumes
How to use props to make an excellent costume.

Why bother to save Halloween?
A very interesting view regarding the importance of Halloween in our society.


Witch’s Dungeon Celebrates 40 Years!
Attention all science fiction and horror movie buffs out there: there are some historic events going on this October that you won’t want to miss!

A Wizard’s Halloween Party
Has your child recently transfigured into a witch or wizard? If so, now is the perfect time of year to bring his or her fantasies to life. You can transform your home into an enchanted castle by throwing a truly magical celebration: a Wizard’s Halloween party.

A Pirate’s Halloween Party: The Secret Treasure of Billy Bones  
Has your child recently turned into a real scallywag after watching the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Well this Halloween, let his or her sea-faring dreams come alive by taking part on a real pirating adventure.

Fun Cemetery Day Trips for the Halloween Season
If you're looking for a fun and free weekend daytrip in September or October...

Using Your Box of Old Halloween Decorations
We all have one in the back of our closet, down in the basement or underneath a pile of dust in the attic. Read up on how to use them...

Easy Ways to Create Your Own Haunted Attraction
Learn some easy steps to making your very own haunted attraction...

Can Celebrating Halloween Help Business Boom?
Just around the start of October you start to see one or two of them pop up...

Creating Halloween Invitations on Your Computer
This year, make halloween invitations right on your computer!

Good Food Good Company
Tasty treats for the Halloween season

Haunted House a Success!
Every Trick was a Treat for more than 1,000 people who came to see what all the fuss was about on...

Gargoyle Gifts
Gargoyle gifts make great accents for a room décor that is not already “busy” with patterned materials or wallpapers...

Find out what is new with Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark.

Making a Season of Halloween
So Halloween is your favorite holiday but you're bummed because it's only one day a year and over before you know it?

Find out what is new with Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark.

Halloween just for kids?
Anyone who holds the attitude that Halloween isn't for adults is really just saying one thing...

Pagan Origins of Halloween
The pagan origins of Halloween are so palpable that there is little wonder the holiday has generated considerable controversy ...

Making a Scarecrow Show
You’ll want a lot of scarecrows to make a really good scarecrow show.

Tonight is (Halloween)
A poem about Halloween.

Goblins and Ghouls
Short Story.

Ten Children's Books
Descriptions of 10 good children's Halloween books.
Cheap Prop Ideas
A few ideas to make in-expensive props.

Halloween Night
Halloween Poem

Halloween 2001 - Post 9/11
Article that addresses how the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks affect Halloween.

Fall Parties
Great games for your Halloween Party.

Trick or Treat
A poem submitted by Ron Roberson.

Healthy Skin for Halloween
How to keep your skin healthy during our favorite holiday.

And Who is the Prey
Halloween Poem.

How to take great Halloween pictures
Good advice on techniques of taking good pictures for Halloween.

Make a Carnevale-Style Mask
How to make a traditional Venetian mask for Halloween.




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